Tuesday, 4 January 2011

10 Team SPL may not be popular but it is necessary

Today the SPL clubs voted in agreement for a 10 team SPL tier which may be seen by many fans as a big problem. The proposal has been widely seen by fans as the wrong move and a backwards step. A recent survey showed. 88% of the people asked in a recent survey of Scottish Football fans were against the proposal of a 10 team SPL and fans of teams outside the SPL are also against regionalised leagues and Football fans will feel hard done by after showing their view against the plans.

However, the plans are going to go ahead and although seen as a problem now, a ten team SPL could be a move forward in Scottish Football instead of the backwards step many see it as.

A 16 team or 18 team SPL may be seen as an exciting league setup however an 16 or 18 team league would never work with the way Scottish Football is right now. A 10 team SPL makes sense as it will not be a massive change with only two teams dropping out of the SPL and it would get rid of the horrible split.

The split doesn't work and causes many problems as it never worls out even. The team who finishes 7th in the league before split can finish 5th or 6th after the split which is stupid and the fact that every year a few teams has played another team three times at home or away and once the reverse in the league as the SPL fixtures always end up confusing shows obvious problems that have been in the game for years and should never have been allowed to happen in the first place so good riddance to them.

Play offs are the same for promotion and relegation or for the title itself. Why should a team that finishes 8th be relegated before the team that finishes 9th? Why should the team that finishes 4th be able to win the league instead of the team that finishes 1st? It doesn't make sense and it doesn't matter how exciting it would be it shouldn't be aloud to happen. The funniest thing about the call for the SPL title playoffs is the teams calling for them are the teams who are against the split!

The new SPL plans will reportedly bring more money to the clubs in the SPL which will be one of the main reasons for the new SPL plans being passed.The game needs to be improved and mnay clubs earning more will be very beneficial to the game. An SPL 2 if it is introduced will also make more money available to the teams in the SPL 2 and this will be great for the game.

I have already shown my support for the plans and i am very happy that the 12 team SPL will be no more and it will take the split with it. It may not be everybodys cup of tea but in the short term at least it will be beneficial to the Scottish game until improved plans are created.Lets hope the next meeting to discuss the introduction of earlier season starts and winter breaks are just as productive.

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