Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Introduction of B teams the way forward?

Many have called for the SPL to be changed for years with the split seen as one of the  main problems clubs have in the current SPL set up.Votes have been taking with no proper agreement on a new format as everyone has their own agenda on the matter with most failing to put forward an acceptable new format for the SPL or how to improve gate numbers. One view which should be considered which so far has only been examined briefly is the idea of introducing Rangers and Celtic B sides to Division three.

   Introducing a 14 team SPL with two sides relegated every season would keep the SPL fresh to a certain extent and make relegation battles more interesting for fans to watch.

  The three Divisions below the SPL would stay as ten team divisions  with the Rangers and Celtic B squads entering in the third season. If tickets were cheap there is no doubt a good number of fans would follow Rangers and Celtic B for a chance to watch stars of the future or returning players pull on the clubs jersey for a cut price ticket and Ibrox and Parkhead would be used more so more money would be made by the clubs.
Attendances would rise to a few thousand at least for these games involving B sides with other Division three sides compared to some games right now where only a couple of hundred go to the games and teams would be able to make more money from gate receipts to help run the club with a little more money to help them.
Old Firm B games would also pull in crowds with fans eager to watch their club get one over their rivals and would bring a chance to young players to have a step in between the youth team and reserve teams with  the full team again which would make the step up a little easier as they would get to play competitive football and less would be released as soon as they were too old to play in the youth teams.
The Old Firm are not the only teams who could introduce reserve teams with Hibs and Hearts also up for entering  reserve teams into the lower divisions to help spot future talents. If Hearts and Hibs are introduced then the SPL could be considered to become a 16 team league.

  This is only one possibility out of many and not guaranteed to work like all the others. However, The introduction of Old Firm  B teams would definetly earn third division sides more money and how many of them would turn down more money to help them survive?

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