Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Is Rooney's departue that much of a problem for Man u?

Wayne Rooney
All the sports pages of every paper and every sports channel or news on radio and television have today have been dominated by one major story that came out of Old Trafford on Tuesday.
Sir Alex Ferguson admitted in a press conference that Wayne Rooney wants away from Old Trafford and is refusing to sign a new contract. There has been rumours of this since all of Rooney’s dirty laundry was spread all over the papers in August however, this was still a shock to many and has created nerves and discomfort among Manchester United fans and Rooney’s statement today will not help their matters.
Wayne Rooney released a statement today claiming his desire to leave was not down to money or contract terms, it instead due problems with the future of Manchester United. Whether he meant the current squad or the lack of big signings is being quizzed as fans begin to fear the thought of life without their star striker, however is Rooney leaving really as big as it is made out?
Wayne Rooney over the last few years has been the talisman in the Manchester United team and has led the frontline as the main goal threat, particularly after the loss of Christiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez a few seasons back.
He has been off form this season and although Manchester United remain unbeaten in all competition, they have struggled to kill off games and mixed with defensive errors has led to a slow start which mixed with the fact they are currently behind rivals Manchester City is a hard fact to take for fans, although the season is still young to be fair.
When United have looked impressive this season however Wayne Rooney has rarely been involved which can be seen as a positive for the fans as players like Berbatov, Nani and Hernandez have shown the class they have with a mixture of skill and great goals giving fans at Old Trafford reasons to celebrate.
If Rooney leaves in January and no strikers are brought in until at least the end of the season, Berbatov will become the main attacking threat at United and if he keeps up the form he has been on this season then he will be successful in this role if support and more goals are provided from Nani and Hernandez who have been impressive in their own rights so far this season.
Apart from these three who will most likely be the three main attacking forces there are many other players Sir Alex can chose to help the fans forget about Rooney. Young players such as Macheda, Obertan and Bebe, who although he had never seen him in person, Sir Alex paid 7 million for him so he must be a good player as Ferguson hardly gets signings wrong (Djemba Djemba a rare mistake!)
One other player who could step forward could be Michael Owen, at least in the short term. To say Owen has had problems with injury is a massive understatement, however when fit Owen could be used effectively starting (maybe not finishing all) or as a super sub. He has been referred to by some as “past it” however Owen still has an eye for goal and a double at Scunthorpe and his goal against Bolton have reminded Ferguson he still has plenty to offer for United if given the chance.
Rooney may want to leave and a large cash sum would help cushion the loss (unless from City!) however Manchester have many attacking options that should not be overlooked and there is plenty of reasons for the fans to look on the positive side and see Rooney’s departure as the chance for others to take over and show what they can do.

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